Tedworth Drops An Inspirational Message In Going Under

The life story of Tedworth is a perfect example of ‘When life gives lemons, make lemonades, he has masterfully crafted all those bottled emotions, is ready to let them lose.

His latest single Going Under is a song that really helped Tedworth to be able to stand to all the hard times he was going through when he felt alone and really had nobody to share those thoughts with.

Going Under came from a time when Theodore Vandenberg, who performs under the stage name Tedworth, became very depressive and started having suicidal thoughts.

With this song, Tedworth aims at helping tons of people who also find themselves or their loved ones in this same situation. You might be thinking Going Under is gloomy, but not really, although the lyrics of the song are revealing, the guitar riffs and drums say the opposite.

The song kicks off with a welcoming guitar riff that prepares your heart for the incoming message. Most people do not open up about their mental health and this can be very detrimental to their health and those around them.

Tedworth hopes Going Under can help other people to overcome whatever struggles they are going through, a sort of therapy for anyone dealing with loneliness, confusion, depression, and everything in between.

Listen to Going Under below

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