Tune In To Psychic Radio By Bellwethers

The Bellwethers‘ newest single, “Psychic Radio,” is a hard alternative rock song ‘Psychic Radio’ is one of 12 new songs recorded with GRAMMY-award-winning engineer and producer, Andrew Coleman. The new songs are a sonic tapestry of classic 70s-era guitar-driven rock laced with psychedelic and blues.

The song features a great riff bridge at the center, with vocal refrains added to make it more anthemic. The production and effects used in “Psychic Radio” are very interesting and unique. Mixing heavy alternative rock and industrial elements, psychic radio gives off that calm and psychedelic.

The song’s opening, which has elements of electronic music in it, sets the tone for the rest of it. Then, one of the music’s most distinctive features, a groovy and noticeable bassline, takes over. Soon after, low-pitched guitar riffs are joined by the evocative and anthem-like vocals. These elements give the music a potent, compelling feeling.

The apt drums in the song highlight the various riffs and essential musical moments, making the track a well-balanced and catchy track. The lyrics of the song were well structured and calm laying emphasis on the band’s sound.


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