Carter Ray Embraces His Past In ‘Dear Victoria’

‘Dear Victoria’ is a love letter from Carter Ray to his younger self. Initially, he felt ashamed of his given name Victoria which made him think they were two different people, but now that narrative has changed.

Although the lyrics were inspired by his personal life event, the lyrics resonate with his audience and can help everybody who is struggling to accept who they are. The mood vacillates between electrifying drama and sneaky deadpan

Not only does Carter Ray know how to write songs but when it comes to singing he sure knows how to finesse this and ‘Dear Victoria’ is a perfect example if that. How he shares his fears, triumph, backslides and how he revolved to be the person he is today puts the listener into his shoes, something Carter Ray makes it look easy.

“The more and more I became comfortable with myself, the more I started to embrace and love life. I started to see the beauty in my childhood. The strength within myself, that allowed me to be where I am.”

-says Carter Ray

Dear Victoria is a ballad laid on an EDM that allows the listener to jam to it while staying true to the theme of the song. This is an informative piece that can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life.  

Listen to Dear Victoria below

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