Rapper Jin Shin Is ‘Grateful’ For Everything

With over a decade of musical experience London-based rapper Jin Shin sets off to take advantage of the adversities and happenings in his life to produce a breathtaking song that can be consumed by music lovers all over the world regardless of age.

His most recent song, “Grateful,” is a stunning fusion of soulful vocals, emotional words, and a jazzy dancehall accompaniment that will make you shiver. By mixing themes of hope, strength, and grandeur with a distinct style and conviction in his lyrics, the song serves as a reminder of where to put your attention.

‘Grateful’ acts as a reminder to uphold thankfulness and positivity in the face of difficulties. Instead of being dampened by some of the roadblocks in his life, he turns it into a rap song that challenges the listener to go Plus Ultra.

Lyrically Jin Shin has grown and honed his skills, He started his musical journey at the age of nineteen whilst at University in Southampton. At the onset writing songs was just hobby since he was surrounded by other musicians, but he later realized this was something he was passionate about.

Rapper Jin Shin doesn’t just drop bars but he also talks about some real-life matters and ‘Grateful’ is no different, it covers topics like :

• Mental health benefits from pursuing a purpose and passion
• Why self-development is key to success
• Changing perspective through spirituality
• Overcoming adversity as a struggling artist
• The process of writing a meaningful song
• The journey of becoming a creative entrepreneur

Jin Shin is an act to be on the lookout for, his talent dedication for creating music is something that has been etched in him.

Listen to Grateful below;

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