Proklaim Goes Hard On Valley

At this point, I don’t think rapper Proklaim needs any introduction, as great lyricism, delivery, and flow is his hallmark. With each song he produces, he makes it known why is one of the best rappers to walk the face of the earth. His new song Valley lays an emphasis on his gift.

The artist’s bars in ‘valley’ contain thoughts and ideas that are skillfully presented one after another, with themes like money, honesty, humility, and counting your blessings. Before you realize it, the song is over, and you find yourself wanting to listen to it again.

His songs are a clear indication of his capabilities and dedication to the rap fraternity, “Valley” is authentic and heavy-hitting, with A hard-hitting beat with chilled atmosphere and honest lyricism that stands proud amongst the best rappers out there

 “ I got a gift and I won’t fumble, this is a word affirmation that the rapper admits he is one of the few musicians who can do what he does.  In Valley you can hear the rapper admitting to the Nowadays, it’s uncommon for musicians to sing lyrics like this without coming across as arrogant, yet Proklaim does so with a voice that is confident and forceful, without any trace of uncertainty.

Listen to Valley below:

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Mister Styx
Mister Styx
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