Mote Delivers An Electrifying Performance On Diamond Days

From the opening notes, you can tell that “Diamond Days” is going to be a smooth-sailing comfort song. With that atmospheric synth, driving bassline, and drumming, the tone is set for the rest of the track. Diamond Days” by Mote is an indie rock track brimming with retro influences, effective melodies, and brilliant chord progressions.

You can easily hear every detail since Diamond Days has a sound that adheres to all current trends in music production. Along with the drifting between modern and old settings, MOTE also included strong, moderate electro beats that complemented the mellow chord progressions, fuzzy basslines, synth leads, and vocal harmonies.

Still, you’ll notice that MOTE’s outstanding vocal performance is a centerpiece of this composition, and it’s nearly mindblowing how each vocal segment suits catchy verses and choruses. It was recorded in London at Animal Farm studios

The creation of “Diamond Days” is one aspect that really jumps out. The mix is perfect, and the sound quality is excellent. While the bass guitar provides a strong foundation for the other instruments to build over, the drums are powerful and clearly defined. Overall, the result is a song that manages to be both professional and cutting-edge.

“This one is for you if you enjoy a nice 80s modern rendition. The melodic writing appeals to the modern ear but the synth and guitar sounds really scream vintage.

Listen to Diamond Days below

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