Jarpsy Hits The Road With ‘Scraper’

Jarpsy starts off their “Scraper” with some crazy guitar riffs that come crushing accompanied by some hard-hitting drums. Time and time again Jarpsy has proved when it comes to making music and live performances they know what they are up to.

Scraper is a rock ballad that shares the everyday struggle of the working class, where they constantly have to keep it with work and sometimes take care of the home and family. This can be really stressful, but instead of a melancholic song, the band turns it into a frenzy.

When it comes to live performances, Jarpsy prides themselves as one of the best and if you have even attended any of their shows you would attest to that fact. From playing in underground venues to their time supporting sold-out tours with the likes of Sticky Fingers, The Fratellis, and Danté Knows.

Scraper is an energy drive alternate rock that makes the crowd go crazy when it starts to play, listening to the song you can hear the synchronization between the members, and the instrumentation allows the lyrics and the raw voice of the lead singer to stand out.

Listen to Scraper below

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