5TH Projekt Unleashes ‘The Wolf’

“The Wolf is the first in a trilogy of EPs: The Wolf, The Owl (2024), and The Bee (TBA), by Toronto, ON-based cinematic rock band 5th PROJEKT. The Wolf has a total of four songs on it, it features two previous singles, “Vagabond” and “The Wrong Way,” along with two additional tracks.

5th PROJEKT is a 4-piece with Rice (vocals, guitar) and McNalty (guitar) accompanied by Peter Broadley (bass) and Jeremy Oram (drums). The band’s previous EP, The Labyrinth (2022) enjoyed 11 weeks on the Top 30 college radio charts across Canada making the Top 10 in Guelph and Windsor.

They were featured in the spotlight series on Canadian psychedelia, Psych! on CFUV 101.9FM Victoria, BC, and received accolades as Earshot Distro’s Artist of the Week.

The cinematic art-rock band takes us on a mystical journey through ancient lands, painting with psychedelic sound and experimenting with unexpected genre-bending twists and turns.

The EP which has 4 songs on it spans over 18 mins and 59 secs with each oozing an exceptional aura, heightening the listening pleasure. From the first song to the last, the listener is taken to outer space to have a feel of what good music is.

Track Title;

Autopilot Disengage


The Wrong Way

The Pace

Listen to The Wolf below


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