Taylor Roche Shares His Experience On ‘Better Than Home’

‘Better than Home’ is music by Taylor Roche that sounds like the creation of an artist who has discovered his sound and continues to shine on each new release, from the soft, effortlessly uplifting production from Auckland-based producer Joel Jones to Taylor’s ever-engaging, immersive vocals. The story is emotional and relevant, especially the COVID-19 lockdown experience that we all shared, and it does a fantastic job of demonstrating how sensitive the artist’s music can be.

Returning with his first new music of the year after establishing a strong presence on TikTok last year and releasing tracks ‘similar feeling’, ‘Day & Night, and ‘Lovemesober’, emerging Auckland-based artist Taylor Roche has shared new single, “Better Than Home”

Taylor Roche song sings of being sick of the monotonous everyday existence of the quarantine and longing for the freedom of at last being able to leave the house and travel anyplace. At the conclusion of quarantine, the attitude expressed in the song’s lyrics—that any place would be preferable to staying at home—was understandable.

Guitars and lovely synths set the song’s opening tone. Soon after the instrumental begins, Roche’s mellow voice enters and he begins to sing about the highs and lows of being stranded at home. Stunningly layered and harmonized vocals are added when the chorus begins, and the tune quickens.

The upbeat and soothing pop music supports Taylor Roche’s sentiment of yearning to be freed from the restrictions that keep her at home.

Taylor Roche has over 83K followers on TikTok through his funny and musical short videos, being titled, “3rd Most Viewed NZ Artist” on TikTok. Roche has gained this huge audience in less than a year, which has helped him connect with over 12,000 monthly listeners on Spotify as an indie artist.

Listen to “Better Than Home” below

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