Wave And Wire Impresses With “All these empty nations”

Wave and Wire is a Montreal based band started in 2017. The band is composed of Lieshbet Kanale Sylva (guitar & vocal), Samuel Paquette Daviau (bass), Bruno Brechet (drums), Kris (guitar) and Francis Boucher (keyboard). With members from different countries and cultures, they create a unique mix of influences and genres. Moving between pure rock and indie rock, Wave and Wire aims to bring listeners to different places.

In 2019, the band released their first EP, “Wave and Wire”, followed by their second EP, “If You Knew Me”, in 2020. Each EP showcases their diversity, from catchy rock songs to dreamy indie tunes. With growing recognition from mainstream media, Wave and Wire is on the rise.

The band continues to bring their unique sound to stages of music shows in Canada, captivating audiences with their energetic performances and catchy tunes. Wave and Wire’s chemistry and creativity create a mesmerizing energy that can’t be denied.

The Canadian based Wave and Wire have crafted a powerful musical EP full of emotion and atmosphere called “All These Empty Nations.” With male vocals and a blend of alternative and indie rock, this group has crafted an anthem to our times with powerful synthesizers, immersive guitars, thundering drums and bass grooves.

The EP mostly talks about the current state of the world – climate change, conflicts, and a humanity that has changed in the past few years, not always for the best. Wave and Wire capture the mood of these times within the depths of the music. From the intensifying intro to the heart-pounding climax, each track on the EP transports listeners to a different world, with its own frequency and atmosphere.

Guitars, drums and bass all come together to form a rock sound that is full of energy and emotion. Wave and Wire manage to capture the intensity and atmosphere of the world and its current predicaments, with a fast-paced and up-tempo sound. The music conveys the story of our times, and these empty nations, through melody, atmosphere and structure.

Rich in atmosphere and emotion, “All These Empty Nations” is an EP that will stay with you long after the last track has reached its end. It’s a powerful record that showcases Wave and Wire’s ability to marry rock and alternative music into something much bigger and more powerful. It deserves to be heard by all.

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