Impressive Debut EP “Robbery” By Manners

Manners is an indie alternative/emo rock band from United States, San Fernando Valley. The band consists of Ayden Craymer on Vocals and Guitar, Everett Katab on Lead Guitar, Zach Gavin on Bass, and Edaan Friedman on drums.

Having been around recently, the group has been steadily growing in the San Fernando alt-rock scene, with local shows. The sound of Manners is diverse, emotive, and powerful. The band pulls influence from emo music from all eras, including bands like Jank, Texas is the Reason, Sunny Day Real Estate, Paramore, Dogleg, and many more.

The band has made a name for themselves with their powerful show and emotion-filled performances. Recently they sold out their show at The Viper Room on 2/18 and are looking forward to making more memories in the future.

The story of Manners goes back to high school, when during their senior year all four members of the band conveniently had the same music class. This class was where they started jamming some emo and alternative stuff, and eventually it led to creating a band. Always having a love for concerts in their local scene, the group seized the opportunity to start playing and haven’t looked back since.

The new EP “Robbery” from San Fernando Valley-based band Manners is an ambitious mix of alternative rock and EMO pop rock with a clear but powerful male vocal presence. The five-track set showcases the rich and varied soundscapes the four piece have created through their musical journey thus far.

Impressive Debut EP "Robbery" By Manners
Impressive Debut EP “Robbery” By Manners

A highlight of the EP is the powerhouse single, “Robbery”. The song was based on an unfortunate situation that happened to the band at a gig in North Hollywood. While on stage their car was broken into and a large number of personal belongings and costly music gear stolen. That rage and loss comes through in the track and shows us the talents of the rising band.

The EP maintains a steady rhythm of heavy hitting drums and driving guitars which showcases the layers of talent these four have. Despite this, each track is jam packed with subtle nuances that make the set feel much more than its four tracks.

Manners’ EP “Robbery” is a highly enjoyable emo pop rock mix. The EP opens with a bouncy, catchy guitar riff that immediately captures the listener’s attention and sets the tone for the rest of the album. The drums and bass provide the perfect backdrop, adding depth and keeping a tight groove. The EP contains powerful, yet delicate singing vocals, with dynamic harmonies – the perfect fusion of emotive lyrics, energetic melodies and genre-blending sounds.

Each song on this excellent EP contains interesting, intricate guitar parts that subtly change up the vibe of each track. The use of dissonance in the solos brings a fascinating and captivating element to the music, creating a full and diverse sound landscape. The drums are uplifting, dynamic and driving, always pushing the music forward and providing this Ep with intense moments and some tasteful fills.

It’s easy to see why Manners have been gaining traction and critical acclaim with their excellent collection of music. It’s clear that the band have limitless potential and an honest passion for their craft.

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