Stay For Tomorrow Rerecords Their Debut ‘Kings And Queens’

In 2018 Joe MacFarlane, Nic Holson, Ollie Cobbet, Sean Priestley, joined their musical powers to form the band Stay For Tomorrow. Stay For Tomorrow is a fast-growing four-piece band from Dunfermline, Scotland which was formed in 2018. Since its formation, the band has released quite a number of songs that has been heavily recognized in the music world.

In 2019 Stay For Tomorrow released their debut single Kings and Queens. After several releases and live performances, the quartet decided to remake their debut single which was recorded 5 years ago, as it takes them back to the genesis of the band.

The rerecorded version of Kings and Queens showcases the growth of the band although the previous one was the fan’s favorite, this is what they shared about the remake

“To us, Kings and Queens certainly brings an element of nostalgia to our early days as the original was the debut single that we self-recorded and produced. Over time, we have shaped our sound as a band and over the past few years of playing the song live, it has grown and developed significantly.

They added – Kings and Queens is certainly a fan favourite and we wanted to make sure we did it justice by remaking it from the ground up. Comparing the original release to what we have to offer now shows how far we have come as a band and musicians.” – Stay For Tomorrow

Kings and Queens has a great theme and shares the experiences of falling out of love and trying two rekindle it from time to time but it just keeps failing to exist from becoming two inseparable people to being at loggerheads.

Kings and Queens will appear on the forthcoming physical release ‘The Story So Far ‘ which will feature all of the band’s previous singles.

Listen to Kings and Queens below

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