Flatfoot Sam Stuns With Zeitgeist EP

Also known as the mastermind behind Tripfield, a fusion of Triphop and Leftfield, Southampton-based producer and DJ Jon Hannan, who is widely known by his stage name Flatfoot Sam, Has released 5 titled tracks that takes you out of the universe and back – Zeitgeist EP

Zeitgeist EP opens with the song “Come,” which features retro synths, captivating drumming, and an ambient mood that’s difficult to shake. The next track, “Ascend,” adds mystical chants to the mix. It has an aura that leaves you with goosebumps.

Bottles’ feature live vocals from the talented Laurence toute seule, it is quite experimental, unique, adventurous, and superb!

If you are the type who like to hit the dancefloor, then the next track is sure to be your favorite, ‘Helch’ appeared on the debut TripField album in 2021, and has been re-mastered and dusted off for 2023. He is a stunningly uplifting and stoic track, fully centre of the TripField experience. The piano melody at 3.42 is melancholy personified. “Aliens are coming…”

The 5th song boathouse explores a myriad of synths, EDM beats, percussion, drumming patterns, bass tones, and lines, the previously released single wasn’t left out on the Ep, a perfect way to close the project. Listening to Zeitgeist EP feels nostalgic and mind-blowing, this is something you have to listen for yourself to understand the magic behind.

Listen to Zeitgeist EP below


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