Starkillers Brings You Close To The End

Blending cyberpunk flavors and futuristic themes, sounds and visuals, music, Starkillers puts together an album that goes through the cycle of a toxic relationship, and all of the stages you’d find yourself going through.

The theme of the latest album from the camp of the band Starkillers, Close To The End Is about that feeling in a relationship where you are still working to keep it from driving off the cliff, but see the cliff’s edge coming closer and closer.

That feeling of the end being right around the corner, and starting to notice all the small things that are leading to it.
Our band came back from the future to bring epic music to the masses. We’re clad in cyber-tech and futuristic wares, that weave music and image with neon lights and intense riffs.

and overall image showcase the culmination of years of artistic allure and fascination for the relentless unknown.


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Mister Styx
Mister Styx
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