Let’s Stand Together With TATE SEDAR On “Hold On” (Remix)

TATE SEDAR is a multi-talented San Francisco-born producer and artist whose sound blends electro-pop and EDM. After being locked up in the closet studio of his Culver City apartment during the pandemic of 2020, SEDAR released his track “Heaven” as a way to reignite his passion for production. He also found success by mixing alongside big names such as Don Diablo, Cash Cash, Wolfgang Gartner, DallasK and Henry Fong. With over 44K streams to his credit, Sedar continues to share his innovative sounds which are the perfect mix of electro and pop.

Donate to the humanitarian fundraiser Razom for Ukraine on SEDAR’s IG profile or other related causes at defendukraine.org/donate

TATE SEDAR’s “Hold On” is an electronic pop anthem made to echo the strife of victims of the Russo-Ukrainian war. The EDM-influenced track is a remix of Canadian singer Justin Bieber’s 2021 hit and uses a combination of synths, a strong bassline and gentle male vocals to tell an emotive story.

The lyrics of “Hold On” speak of courage and determination despite uncertain times and are crafted with purposeful conviction. The vocal performance acts as a call to listeners and viewers, imploring them to take action and donate funds for humanitarian aid in the country.

The overall effect of “Hold On” is one of strength and togetherness, with its 4/4 beat and uplifting synths making for a powerful and empowering experience. Its dynamic soundscape draws listeners in with every beat and gives them a fondness to keep revisiting the song again and again.

In conclusion, TATE SEDAR has crafted a perfect electronic anthem with “Hold On”. With its message of strength and perseverance in the face of adversity, “Hold On” implores listeners to take action to support humanitarian aid in the country. Fans of EDM and pop music will undoubtedly be enthralled by its high tempo and moving lyrics, providing for an exhilarating listening experience.

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