Ozzient Features Pronto Valid, Kay9 & Clarissa On Feelin’ A Vibe

The fewer the merrier, but when it comes to feelin’ a vibe, the narrative is different. Ozzient’s latest single Feelin’ The Vibe features some talented artist who was noticed for their outstanding lyrical composition and dedication towards their craft.

Feelin’ The Vibe starts off with some insane punchlines by Pronto Valid, joined in on the second verse by Kay9, while ThisIsClarissaUK sets the mood right by singing a befitting chorus and hook for the song, while Walter did an amazing electric guitar solo for the second half of this track.

While the electrifying guitar riffs are enough to blow your brain off, the song starts slow with some heavy bass, paving way for the insane rap coming in.

The song’s title says it all when it comes to the intentions behind the song, the song is perfect for the dancefloor. There’s no disputing that this is a top contender for a global takeover when combined with the flawless cadence in the rap verses and the soulful vocals of the hook.

Listen to Feelin’ The Vibe

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