Penelope Pettigrew – “BiConic Remix”: Anthem That Sparkles With Pride

“BiConic: The Remix” by Penelope Pettigrew is a heartwarming, feel-good tribute to the Bi+ community that will easily win you over and have you singing along in no time. This catchy electronic pop song is a remix of the original “BiConic” song from 2022. It combines memorable melodies with uplifting lyrics to make an anthem that inspires and brings people together.

Pettigrew’s bright vocals are filled with contagious happiness as she sings about love, acceptance, and the splendor of living authentically. Her voice, both robust and gentle, smoothly glides through the lively rhythm and engaging groove, instantly drawing the listener into her world of self-love and pride.

The remix, skillfully crafted by ARIA Award-winning DJ Mind Electric, breathes new life into the original song by infusing it with a fresh dose of dance-floor energy. The production, led by the gifted duo Cressbrook and Justine Eltakchi, showcases Pettigrew’s vocal talent while introducing a driving beat that keeps the listener hooked. The outcome is a track that gracefully balances between electronic pop and dance, guiding listeners on a blissful adventure that’s sure to make them move.

“BiConic – The Remix” brings to mind some of the most famous songs from the 1980s and 1990s, but with a modern, innovative twist that music fans of today will enjoy. Pettigrew’s sincere lyrics and soaring vocals recall the emotional depth of divas like Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. However, it’s Pettigrew’s distinct viewpoint and devotion to the Bi+ community that distinguish this track, cementing its status as a modern anthem for a new age of self-expression and pride.

“BiConic: The Remix” is more than just a song; it’s a powerful message that resonates with listeners on various levels. As the beat intensifies, the listener can’t help but experience a surge of empowerment and hope, a testament to music’s ability to inspire change and unite people.

“BiConic – The Remix” is a dazzling, irresistible track that will charm fans of electronic pop, dance music, and uplifting anthems. Penelope Pettigrew’s potent vocals, combined with the skilled production of Cressbrook and Justine Eltakchi and the remix expertise of DJ Mind Electric, result in a track that’s hard to ignore. You’ll feel empowered and ready to dance after listening to this song, which celebrates love, pride, and authenticity.

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