Natalie Clark Sings Out The Songs Of ‘Freedom’

You hardly come across individuals who are willing to step out of their comfort zones to an uncharted land, but that is not the case with Natalie Clark. Natalie Clark left her career as a teacher to pursue music full-time, a risk worth taking, let me tell you why.

Ever since she released her EP ‘One By One’ in 2021, LA-based Scottish artist Natalie Clark has shown no sign of slowing down and as proof of her growth and versatility, she is out with a new one which she titles “Freedom”.

“Freedom” is a gospel-inspired pop song. Natalie’s distinct voice can be heard singing in the background as “Freedom” opens with a beautiful piano a sweet and soft melody. The drums, guitars, and engaging harmonies are added to the song as it progresses.

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“Freedom” is a gospel-inspired pop song.

Listening to “Freedom,” you can tell she put in much effort during the songwriting process, as the lyrics are relatable and mind-boggling. These are day-to-day experiences that affect every human.

The song’s theme is not lost in all this as she inspires her audience to persevere in the face of adversities, to persevere through life’s challenges, and to appreciate their accomplishments.

To Natalie Clark “Freedom” may represent her new found love, which is chasing her dreams and doing what she likes to do best, ‘sharing her thoughts and emotions through music’. ‘FREEDOM’ marks one of her most engaging and enticing releases to date.

Listen to Freedom below


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