Have A Listen Of Freddie Sunshine’s Sad and Beautiful “Goose”

Gradually, Freddie Sunshine is gaining popularity with his monthly song releases in 2023, and his  latest release, “Goose” is one of those amazing collections. Goose has two amazing songs on it titled, “Threshold”, and “Little Bit”

With over 9 million listens on Spotify in the past year and a growing fan base, people were eager to hear this one. Each song has a unique theme yet psychedelic a mix of modern indie music and darker sounds, with lyrics that look inward.

“Threshold,” is the first song and one thing I love about it is the dark drum licks that opens the tracks, Freddie allows the instruments do the talking before he graces it with his unique vocals, he has this melancholy voice that makes the song even more darker.

The beginning of the song says that the singer knows they don’t meet their partner’s “threshold.” This means that there is a certain level of acceptance or standard that the he cannot reach. this realization has made him sad and as a result affected their relationship as expected.

While listening to the song, Freddie reveals he wants to be more independent and not always rely on his partner’s approval on who to be. They’re tired of pretending and not being true to themselves. It’s like they used to expect their partner to fix everything for them, but now they want to change that.

While ‘Little Bit” exploits the singers inner thoughts, the lyrics express the battles he fights within, with lyrics likes

“I feel a little bit of heaven
When the sun hits my skin
I feel a little bit of hell
When I cheat up on my bitch
I guess I’m going straight to hell
Cause God I’m full of fucking sin”

You have a perfect idea of the message Freddie Sunshine is sending across, although the message words are personal, the message is relatable as we all have at a point judge ourselves. The use of relatable phrases gives each individual a personal feel of “Little Bit”.

Listen to Goose below


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