What To Expect From Natalie Clark’s Upcoming Single – How High

Feeling down? Tired of things not going as planned? Thinking of giving up because your dreams seem unachievable? Then get up and dust yourself off because Natalie Clark has something special for everybody

Natalie wasted no time on pouring her soothing voice on How High which happens t be the title of her upcoming single which is expected to be released on February 3rd 2023;

The vocal virtuosity that dazzled audiences across the nation is on display in “How High.” The Scottish indie-pop artist sensation skyrocketed to international prominence with an impressive showing on NBC’s the Voice, which she then leveraged into an opening slot for the Indigo Girls.

How High is a moving, upbeat song with layers of harmonies and mesmerizing, earthy rhythms. This feel-good, upbeat indie pop song is the ideal addition to any playlist that celebrates self-discovery.

The song in its own way encourages the listener not to limit themselves as they can go as high as they can without fear o and external influence, and it is surpising how Natalie was able to do that.

But wait this is Natalie Clark here, we all expect nothing but the best from her.

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