Chloe Tangs Shares Her Experience In New Song

With no label support, Chloe Tangs’s catalog has amassed over 7 million streams with plenty of music still on the way. She is also dedicated to advocacy for Asian Americans and routinely nods to her Chinese roots. Most recently, Chloe rolled out a new single titled “Hoes Have Feelings Too” and plans to headline shows in & out of LA throughout 2023.

The title of the song is self-explanatory and Chloe should hold her head high for being candid, Chloe believes women shouldn’t be stereotyped for being sexually active, although she is aware the title of the song might be misinterpreted, but the theme of the song doesn’t change.

Hoes Have feelings too blends empowerment, satire, seduction, and emotion carefully putting together multiple elements to create a single song that has the capability of turning necks and causing a stir in the music industry.

There are a lot of different angles to the lyrics but my intention was just to write a song that did the title justice. I want everyone to listen to this song and have their own interpretation of its meaning but most of all, I hope it breaks some stigmas.

Listen To Hoes Have Feelings Too below

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