Jane Marie Pours Out Her Heart On Fade Away

Listening to Fade Away, you can feel the sadness that surrounds the song. Jane Marie, a singer, and songwriter has been losing both of her parents to Alzheimer’s disease for the past eight years.

The vocals on the song are laid back, drawing out the theme of the song, the song presents itself as a ballad with alternative and melancholia, aiming to give hope to others in the same boat.

Fade Away is about acceptance,arriving at a point where you have to let go and find a way to make peace with that; bringing together all the special moments that make a memory and letting go of sadness .

“You slowly watch them ‘fade away’ which at times catches you unaware and breaks your heart… writing the lyrics to this song helped me focus on the things that made my parents smile as they began to lose the ability to communicate; the simple moments like a beautiful blue sky, snowdrops, parties, and huge love they have for the family. “

Says Jane, she went on to say

When it comes to the point when you have to let and allow them to fade away, hang on to every memory and memory that made them so special to you. Turn this into your driving force, your heartbeat, your smile…

Currently Jane Marie is in talks with the Alzheimer’s Society regarding a joint fund raiser, to create awareness and persons living with Alzheimer’s.

Listen to Fade Away below

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