Real Talk: MUNGMUNG’s “Internet Friends” Gets How Social Media Messes Us Up

Okay, let’s talk about MUNGMUNG’s new song, “Internet Friends.” It’s all about how we get caught up in the online world, you know, chasing after likes and followers. MUNGMUNG is a hip-hop artist from Sydney, and this song is one of the cool tracks from her first album, “Boujee Bby.” She dropped a fresh music video for it on August 23rd, and it’s eye-opening stuff.

MUNGMUNG’s lyrics are like a mirror that shows us how we’re pretending to be someone else on the internet, using filters and stuff just to get more likes and followers.

MUNGMUNG stated she wrote this song when she was 16 and wondering how the internet affects us and the people around us. And you know what? She’s got a point. The music video shows us all these people hooked on their phones, not paying attention to the real world. It’s like we’re so busy looking at screens that we forget who we really are.

The lyrics talk about how we try to look all grown up on the internet, even if we’re just kids. And then there’s the pressure to post perfect pictures and get more likes. MUNGMUNG asks us to think about how crazy it is that we’re valuing ourselves based on the numbers we get online.

MUNGMUNG wants us to stop and think wants us to remember that we’re more than just the likes we get. She wants us to have real conversations, feel good about ourselves, and have healthy relationships. It’s like a wake-up call, telling us to step away from the screens and enjoy the real world.

The music video goes even further, showing how we sometimes change ourselves to fit in online. Filters make us look different, and we’re more interested in our phones than real people. It’s like a reminder that we’re losing ourselves in this online game.

So, yeah, “Internet Friends” is a reminder that we’re worth more than the numbers on our screens. It’s time to unplug a bit, remember who we are, and live our real lives. Thanks, MUNGMUNG, for this real talk.

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