Mick J. Clark Has A present For Fathers – Hey Daddy

Hey Daddy is one of the most sentimental songs I have ever reviewed, the song carries so many emotions you end up being overwhelmed with emotions that you might burst out with tears.

The theme of the song is based on true life story, something that happens in some families, he used a portion of his life as an advice to every father.

When asked about the major inspiration behind the song, this is what Mick J. Clark had to say about Hey Daddy:

“Like all kids, I thought my mum and dad were really happy together and so in love, and then he walked out on us.”

He added

“Men don’t realize when they walk out on their family how much hurt, fear and upset they leave behind and how confused and useless kids feel in this situation. Played slightly off key to make the song dark !!”

When it comes to songwriting its undeniable Mick J. Clark has a niche, the words e used for the song are perfect as they hit the nail on top, how Mick J. Clark is able to make the listener feel the anguish of the child is something he must be commended for.

The lyrics to the song are relatable, and this is brought to life by his slick voice and wonderful guitar riffs, he chose the right instruments and arranged them carefully in creating this masterpiece resulting in a whirl of feelings.

Hey Daddy is a song for every father out there who thinks leaving behind his children is the only option available.

Listen to Hey Daddy below

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