Huyen Opens Up In Latest Ep ‘ Sad, Boy’

Sad, Boy’ is the latest body of work by Melbourne-based Musician and Producer Huyen. This is her debut EP which features 5 solid songs, that feature her soulful and tantalizing voice, the opening song Lullaby is a clear indication of what to look forward to.

Listening to the album you could clearly feel the raging emotions which is passed down in each song, great lyricism, powerful voice, and inspiring lyrics all these objectives are not lost on the tracks.

The EP Sad, Boy is circulated around dealing with the pain and the hope of falling in and out of love. Huyen’s songwriting skills are perfectly displayed as she pens down breathtaking lyrics that showcase the essence of Sad, Boy.

Fallin in and out of love and all the heartbreaks that come with can make it very hard to keep a straight face in a relationship, Huyen states her disposition when it comes to such pressing matters, using her personal life experience as an anchor to share her thoughts and emotions with the rest of the world.

Huyen chose the right instrumentation for the songs, beats, and arrangements that compliment her lyrical melodies, the 5 songs were self-produced in her bedroom alongside Melbourne producer and friend Chris Nicolaou and was later mastered by emerging producer KXSH Prod.

The multi-talented musician shared the main inspiration behind the EP, she said:

“This release is really important to me, ‘Sad, Boy” is a little window to my vulnerability. I wanted to work with close friends and I am so proud of what we were able to produce and I hope people can relate and heal through this EP.” – Huyen


1- Lullaby

2- ilysm

3- Can’t Trust

4- Okay

5- Save Me


Listen to ‘Sad, Boy’ below

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