R.U.R Releases A Body Work ‘ Vinner Aldrig’

Let me introduce you to something you’ve probably never heard about, let me introduce you to Vinner Aldrig, an Ep with 6 mind-blowing tracks on it produced and performed by Sweden-based band R.U.R.

The EP kicks off with a self-titled song Vinner Aldrig, that paves way for the forthcoming songs, the first song is a reminder of the capabilities of the 5 teamed band, which finds so much pleasure in making songs that are psychedelic.

Vinner Aldrig is a clear indication of the band’s synchronization when it comes to songwriting, and performance, in creating the EP, the band drew great inspiration from their surroundings and happenings around them in creating the indie rock EP that spans a total of 25 minutes, and 5 seconds.

One distinct fact about Vinner Aldrig is although the songs are melancholic, you cant determine what comes next as the songs alternate, with each song coming in with a different flavor and influence.

The Ep is bilingual, a combination of Swedish and English.the band members are Louise Rosén: drums, vocals, Love Joss: guitar, synths,  Daniel Andersson: guitar, Christoffer Bergström: Bass, vocals. Alice Andersson: Alt sax, synth, vocals.

When these individuals team up they make breathtaking songs that carries the listener into another dimension, the instrumentation cannot go unsaid, you could feel the hardwork and dedication oozing from the songs.

Surprisingly, in making of Vinner Aldrig, everything was done in a day recording and mixing and all, this should tell you the experience this quintet has amazed over these years

Listen to Vinner Aldrig below

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