Kim Bertrand Points Fingers With Her New Song

All fans of loud music, let’s gather here as Kim Bertrand has something for everybody, the latest song from Kim is the epitome of punk. Loud music that would take you into another dimension making you think your world was about to fall apart.

“I like noise. I like a punk. I like William S. Burroughs and big fuckin’ drums. I like basslines to groove and guitars to shriek atonally. I want your ears to bleed, your body to move, and your neighbors to call the cops.”

This is how Kim described her latest song Motherfaker when asked about it. Motherfaker is so addictive you wouldn’t be surprised if you end up listening to it the whole day, the song is therapeutic and psychedelic.

Mothefaker is accompanied by a music video to depict all the emotions the song comes with.


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Mister Styx
Mister Styx
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