The Starkillers Expresses Love Through New Song – Eyes Like Fire

The Starkillers need no introduction as music lovers around the world are familiar with their names. After the release of their much talked about album “Close To The End” the band keeps making great song that surpasses the previous song.

Eyes Like Fire from The Starkillers’ is the fourth single release to date, taking on a heavier sound and grungier approach. They continue to prove that they can play any genre out there.

“Our band came back from the future to bring epic music to the masses. We’re clad in cyber-tech and futuristic wares, that weave music and image with neon lights and intense riffs.” – Starkillers Brag.

Starkillers Brings You Close To The End


The Starkillers’ newest release, Eyes Like Fire is a more rock-centric and heavy guitar-forward song compared to their previous releases. Jon Omen belts out strong vocals, singing about a girl he can’t get out of his head, tempting himself not to think about what captivated him most – her eyes like fire.

The song poses seductive themes as Omen’s lyrics unfold the image of him thinking of this girl alone in the dark, obsessive and needing. The Song has been chosen as the first song on the band’s upcoming album.


Listen to Eyes Like Fire below

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