Lowtones Sets The Record Straight With Radio

Just before the world came to a halt in February 2020, Oliver, Jack, Tim and George felt a musical connection between and this prompted them to join their forces and form the nascent band Lowtones in Norwich.

Originally a four-piece, Jack and George are brothers and went to High School with Mav. George and Tim met playing football together. We have all played in groups together over the years, but mainly just for fun. Mav studied in Brighton and moved back to Norfolk at the beginning of 2020 got in touch with Jack and George about starting playing music together again. George knew Tim and got him involved. Simple as that.

Listening to music from lowtones one would agree to the fact the band makes creating good song looks easy, as they effortlessly keep creating music, that is on par with their predecessors.

Although the band blends different styles to make each song unique, the ethos of the band still remains the same and haven’t changed, or side tracked as they simply express the hardships of modern life and love

The current single from Lowtones ‘Radio’ combines razor-sharp guitar riffs, driving bass-lines, lyrics dripping with intent, and drums that punch you in the gut.

In a band were Oliver ‘Mav’ Mavilio is the main vocalist, Jack Abbott and Tim Cary plays the Guitar, while George Abbott blasts the drums, this is what everybody would expect from the quadruple.

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