Red Bird Gives Their All In Album “Live It All”

Red Bird has created an impressive blend of sound, making them a powerhouse within the Pacific Northwest music scene. The group is comprised of musicians Bre Gregg (vocals), Dan Gildea (guitar), Jeff Langston (bass), and Charlie Doggett (drums).

Their fascinating musical amalgam pulls from a pool of genres including blues, R&B, and funky grooves enhanced by Bre Gregg’s exceptional melodies and vocal technique, creating a soulful listening experience. With two EP releases, ‘Beautiful’ and ‘All My Love’, Red Bird’s sound has been gaining attention from iconic local performers and in media outlets such as Portland Mercury, Portland Tribune, Jazzy Society of Oregon and Vortex Music Magazine.

They have also been a presence and have been supported on local radio stations such as KMHD, KINK, KBOO, and The Portland Radio Project, as well as performing live on Good Day Oregon. After their success, Red Bird continues to impress with their innovative sound, proving to be an exciting act to look out for in the years to come.

Red Bird Gives Their All In Album "Live It All"
Red Bird Gives Their All In Album “Live It All”

Red Bird’s latest album “Live It All” provides a stirring and soulful sound that helps emphasize the importance of living life in the moment. The album draws from multiple genres such as funk, contemporary soul, and soft rock creating a unique experience that encourages the listener to take a step back and enjoy the present.

The powerful vocals featured throughout the album capture the essence of what it means to work hard, strive for the next goal in life, and ultimately come to the realization that nothing matters except the people we love and being in the moment. These heartfelt lyrics express a deep understanding of the importance of connection and the preciousness of spending quality time with those we care about.

Set to beautiful melodies and captivating rhythms, the album showcases the power of emotion through its emotionally charged lyrics and passionate female vocalists. By exploring the journey of striving for more and ultimately embracing the present, this album captures the true meaning of life and encourages listeners to live with purpose and passion.

Overall, “Live It All” is beautiful, redemptive, and soulful to its core. It contains nine tracks which all focus on creating an emotional atmosphere for the listener and encourages them to appreciate what is around them. Red Bird have done an incredible job of creating an album that is both enjoyable and evocative, making it a must-listen for anyone looking for a piece of music to uplift their mood.

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