Debut Album “The Heavy Stuff” By HOBART

HOBART is a Los Angeles based artist specializing in vocals, production, and recording. He first released his single in December of 2022, and has gained attention ever since. HOBART’s work is influenced by a multitude of artists, such as Panic! At the Disco, 21 Pilots, Paramore, Imagine Dragons, and One Republic.

Throughout his career, HOBART has played at world-renowned events, such as Warped Tour, Tahiti Rock Festival, and has also had many of his songs licensed to ESPN, MTV, and a variety of video game. Additionally, HOBART has also acted in a few films and television shows and is the host of the daily game show, “Live Play Bingo”.

HOBART is quickly gaining some fan followings due to his unique sound and style. His music is catchy and uplifting, with a raw edge that makes it stand out. By combining elements of his various influences, HOBART creates something completely original and captivating.

HOBART has been making waves in the music industry and continues to surprise fans with each new release. His passion for his craft is unparalleled, and continues to inspire fans around the globe.

Debut Album "The Heavy Stuff" By HOBART
Debut Album “The Heavy Stuff” By HOBART

HOBART’s debut album, “The Heavy Stuff”, is an ambitious and sincere effort that brings a new and unique sound to the alternative world. The US-based individual has been around for a few years and is now releasing his first full album. The record was entirely written, recorded, and mixed in HOBART’s home studio, with him producing and engineering the project.

The album consists of 10 songs, all of which have a distinct quality and a unique sound. HOBART has crafted a mix of alternative and EMO pop-rock in a way that we haven’t heard before. All the tracks are propelling and anthemic, with passionate and dynamic male vocals. The lyrics are clever, witty, and memorable and the production follows suit, giving the record a modern and lively feel.

HOBART is at his best when he expresses passion and emotion. Whether it is the gloriously solemn and anthemic “We Got It” or the emotional yet uplifting “Feels”, HOBART succeeds here in creating a record that is sincere, honest, and powerful.

Overall, “The Heavy Stuff” by HOBART is a worthwhile debut album. It is modern, melodic and majestic and provides a rare glimpse into the inner workings of a rising star. It is a record that should not be overlooked.

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