Gary Dranow Expresses Feelings on “Something About You”

Garry Dranow is a musician and songwriter whose music defies genres and combines influences from a variety of popular genres. The spark that ignited Garry Dranow’s musical journey was Cream’s “Crossroads” and is inspired by Jimi Hendrix. His heavy yet energic sound has roots in blues, jazz, rock and pop; all blended with thunderous riffs and soulful lyrics.

Music has always been Gary’s outlet for his mania and creative dispositions. He learned how to sing and write from hard work and constant practice, soaking in inspiration wherever it is found. After humble beginnings, Garry has cultivated a unique voice that fans around the world enjoy.

Garry Dranow continues to make music that captures the spirit of the moment. He is into blues and rock but most of his song defy definitions of popular genres. Music is more than just a career to Garry as it sets his soul free and brings him fame. Gary has taken on the role of musician, songwriter and producer with enthusiasm, always striving to create bold and interesting music that can move people emotionally.

Gary Dranow’s “Something About You” is a classic rock song done just right. Drawing on the best of the genre, Dranow has crafted a powerful and memorable offering that captures the feel and vibe of rock and pop.

The production gives Dranow’s vocals a powerful platform to really shine and make an impact. By using a combination of instruments and sound design, they create a sweeping atmosphere that supports his vocal delivery and allows his emotion to become the driving force of the song. Every subtlety of his performance is given the necessary space and attention to communicate the feeling behind the lyrics.

Furthermore, the production helps to lift the delivery and ensure that it carries a strong emotional impact with listeners. It supports the vocal performance, allowing it to reach its full potential, and ensures that listeners will not just hear the words, but feel the message to its fullest extent.

The song is further enhanced by its story, inspired by Dranow’s marriage to his wife Elizabeth. This song is for his wife of 18 years who he met in 2003 and married in 2005 and is a true testament to the enduring power of love.

All in all, “Something About You” from Gary Dranow is a fantastic rock song from a talented artist. With great vocals, passionate subject-matter, and a production that respects the genre’s roots and innovations, Dranow has crafted a superb track.

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