Croptal Makes A Statement With “Variations”

Croptal is an Israeli musician and producer who goes by his stage name, Croptal. His real name is Tal Yaniv and he is a founding member and keyboard player of Avtipus, a well-known Israeli rock band.

Croptal has been producing music for several years now, combining classical sounds with cutting edge technology to create a unique sound. His debut album “Works 2020-2022” was released in March 2022 and was critically acclaimed for its blending of old-school classical sounds with contemporary beats.

In addition to his work with Avtipus, Croptal has also lent his talents to various other artists and producers. His genius as a producer has allowed him to collaborate with some of the industry’s biggest names.

Croptal is at the very forefront of contemporary music and is a true innovator in the world of sound. His unique style and combination of classical, cinematic music and modern production is a unique and inspirational experience. Croptal certainly earns his place as one of the most exciting musicians out there.

Croptal’s latest album, “Variations”, is a breath-taking journey that combines a variety of different musical styles. This concept album takes the listener through a magical musical journey between neo-classical, electronic, British folk and dance music. The variety of genres provides an exciting experience for audiences, as Croptal effortlessly marries each genre together to create a unique soundscape.

Live piano and strings orchestra recordings fill the album with an ethereal atmosphere that engages the listener and encourages them to keep the music playing. Synthesizers, manipulated rhythms and tape loops are used to create an electric momentum that is both highly cinematic and classical. To add a finishing touch to the album, Croptal has incorporated subtle ambient layers that add another ethereal level and nuance to the sonic tapestry.

“Variations” is an anthem-packed album with tracks such as “Variation I” and “Variation II”. These songs are designed to provide listeners with easy listening that is perfect for relaxing or studying. The beauty of this album lies in its versatility. If you’re looking for something to get you up and moving to the beat or just relaxation, Croptal’s “Variations” album is the perfect fit.

Croptal’s album, “Variations”, is an exceptional masterpiece of music that’s filled with energy and emotion. From the moment the album begins, listeners will be engaged and enthralled. It’s the perfect album for any fan of electronic, classical and folk music.

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