Tillerman Unleashes “Hear Angels Cry”

Tillerman is a rock band hailing from the UK. The members of the band are Jon Kulczycki – Lead Vox & Rhythm Guitar, Tom Kulczycki – Drums & BVs, Shaun Mallia – Lead Guitar & BVs, and Iain Moyser – Bass Guitar & BVs. Tillerman is heavily influenced by classic rock bands such as The Beatles, Stones, Zeppelin, Free, and Fleetwood Mac. These bands along with many great guitar bands from the 90s have really fashioned their sound.

Tillerman’s unique approach to classic rock has made them stand out from the crowd. They have a modern and fresh take on classic rock, from the heavy riffs and solos of classic rock to the more melodic and groove-based sounds of modern styles. Their sound is often described as a mix of old and new, and is sure to satisfy a variety of rock fans.

Tillerman has earned a reputation in the music industry for creating unique and impactful music that captivates listeners both lyrically and musically. Their latest release, “Hear Angels Cry”, is a departure from their signature upbeat alternative rock sound, but is equally engaging and moving. The song transcends through the decades and touches on the beauty, melancholy and emotion of their 1970s blues rock inspirations. “Rainbow’s” success attracted much attention from fans and critics alike, and “Hear Angels Cry” is sure to capture their attention as well.

Tillerman Unleashes "Hear Angels Cry"
Tillerman Unleashes “Hear Angels Cry”

The track creates a powerful, pulsing energy with its classic rock and indie rock influences. Distorted electric guitars are at the heart, creating an intense rhythm, while the driving beat comes from a steady drumbeat. The male vocals add authenticity to the record, putting extra emphasis on the heartfelt lyrics.

The chorus brings in a looser and more melancholic feel with its gentle yet cutting melodies, which serves to further emphasize the reflective nature of the track’s overall sound. The mix of hard-hitting elements and softer, dreamier sounds creates an irresistible blend that will make listeners want to sway along to the beat.

“Hear Angels Cry” is a moody and sombre track, reflecting and lamenting the current global politics, trends and attitudes. The combination of the vocal and dark sound ignites a feeling of despair, sadness and reflection to the listener.

Tillerman excels at delivering a unique and powerful track that tends to leave the listener with mixed emotions. Overall, “Hear Angels Cry” is a great track for those looking for a classic rock sound mixed with more modern sensibilities.

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