Rocking with Gary Dranow: ‘I’m A Man’ Review

Since the time I came across this Gary Dranow, in fact from now to eternity he continually provides his fans reasons why they should stick around with him and so let me introduce you to one of His latest freshest productions it’s entitled “Im A Man”. It’s a hard-hitting song that has plenty of blues inflections along with contemporary sounds. Feeling the influence of bands such as Counting Crows, The Verve and Oasis is possible but Gary bring his own flavor that makes it feel fresh and exciting.

I’m A Man’ included in his upcoming album titled “Never Give Up,” and it really shines. There are no taboos about the blues feeling for Gary, especially with that harmonica – it envelops this song from the very beginning in its powerful and plaintive aura. And that man his voice is fantastic. You can feel all those emotions he’s putting into it, when telling the story of growing up and getting a better person.

One interesting thing in Gary’s music is the way he creates such bright images with his lyrics and tunes. “I’m A Man” is no different – it feels like you are watching a movie while listening. This song is about this dude who has had a rough ride but manages to turn things around for the better. It’s a happy ending that makes you cheer for the fellow.

Gary has had a hard life with conditions such as bipolar disorder and recovering from strokes. But music has been his means of dealing and sharing the story. The mixture of classic rock and new vibes is really clicking with his band, Gary Dranow & the Manic Emotions.

As a whole, this song is indicative of the fact that Gary Dranow knows how to combine old school blues with something new and appealing. It’s a tune that will stay in your ear, telling the story of rising up and deliverance.

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