Juracán Invites Julimar Create A Materpiece ‘Respiro Tu Aire ‘

Juracán is a self-taught artist who was raised in Portland, Oregon but was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He has played in a number of bands, including Vohké, Sól, and Flood Peak. Over the years, he has refined his craft by experimenting with various genres and creating a special style that is both inventive and alluring.

Respiro Tu Aire is a sensual reggaeton duet where Julimar and Juracán tell a story full of romance, desire, and intimacy executed with a hot and memorable mix of rapping and singing.

The combination of Julimar and Juracán’s voices is mesmerizing and this is a results of the duos perfect sync, the low tones, and sexy voices makes the song alluring and addictive you end you putting it on repeat

Despite being in Spanish, the song has an effect regardless of the language. You will immediately begin to feel the heat and start grooving to the music because it talks for itself.

Even if you don’t comprehend the lyrics, the duet between Julimar and Juracán is a wonderful example of how two voices can harmoniously complement one another with a seductive blend of rapping and singing.

Listen to  Respiro Tu Aire below

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