Susy K Releases “Hear It From Her” And Its Therapeutic

Susy K is a Scottish singer-songwriter who unearthed her musical talent at a very young age, been brought up by opera-singing parents, Susy K was inflicted by the beauty of singing and this was how her musical journey began.

Over the years she has been sturdily harnessing her craft, and this has paid off as she is now a professional vocalist, songwriter, session musician, and vocal coach. Susy is a soul singer therefore her songs are therapeutic and mind-altering. Her songs have the power to uplift you from the depths of your darkness. She titles this collective piece “Hear It From Her”

Over the span of 17 minutes and 29 seconds, Susy K shares her healing journey through groove-led songs, with captivating lyrics, and a collaborative project with producer and multi-instrumentalist Dave Browning. Susy demonstrates throughout the songs that she is not only capable of hitting the high notes but piques the listener’s interest with her alluring songwriting to the point where you become engrossed in her storytelling.

The soulful essence of this song is enhanced by the absolutely seductive bass arrangement and the keys from Dave Browning. Hear It From Her touches on self-love, self-worth & overcoming grief. All these emotions are masterfully penned into each song.

The soulfulness of “Hear It From Her”, is spread evenly throughout the 4 songs, one thing that cannot be overlooked is the passion she eludes through her singing and the joy at which she sings the lyrics to the song. in Hear It From Her you can hear sounds from legends including Stevie Wonder, Jill Scott, Mica Paris, Michael Jackson and Chaka Khan, and this is because these musicians have a great influence on her sound.

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