Jenny Räisänen Shares Feelings On In ‘A whisper’

In A whisper” is the latest single by singer and songwriter Jenny Räisänen, the song combines a Finnish traditional instrument kantele with a groovy bass and funky fiddle. It was recorded both in Finland and Ireland. The song was part of Jenny’s Master’s Degree in Songwriting. her years of expertise come to play in this song.

Her authentic and unique voice makes her songs captivating and enthralling, her unique sound was born in the middle of Finland, but Jenny Räisänen later took roots in Ireland there she felt she had found her musical home with her folk-pop style.

In A whisper was written in a third person perspective where the antagonist strives to be strong in other to protect other people, but is deep inside, obsessive and scared. The song was born from a conversation with a close friend of Jenny Räisänen.

All the musicians playing in “In A whisper“ are friends and have known for a long time. They have played together as a folk band in Finland at Music Festivals e.g., Kaustinen Folk Music Festival and Siilifolk. Jenny has performed in many other venues with different lineups.

Listening to In A Whisper you could hear sounds from some musicians such as Tori Amos, Björk ,Alanis Morissette ,Eva Cassidy ,Katie Melua, these are some of the musicians that influence the type of music she produces.

How she makes the lyrics come to life is a craft that was etched in her, how she is able to sing on such an instrumentation is something that cannot go unsaid.

Listen to In A whisper below

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