Jade Ashtangini Encourages You To ‘Dance Like A Kitty’

“Dance Like a Kitty( Cello and Piano), is the epitome of music for the heart and soul. The song transcends into your subconscious mind elevating you to a different realm.

This is another version of the previous release “Dance Like A Kitty”, the previous was a piano solo, but the latest was accompanied by a cello.

Jade Ashtangini actually boasts a broad variety of abilities as a musician, yogini, pianist, composer, cellist, singer of yoga mantras and kirtans, yoga instructor, photographer, and other talents.

The major objective of all of Jade’s artistic endeavors, despite the fact that she is quite busy, is to use music and art to help people connect more profoundly spiritually.

The Piano and Cello are the only instruments that can be heard on the record, but it is surprising how Jade Ashtangini was able to make only those sound wonderful.

Listening to Dance Like a Kitty( Cello and Piano) you can tell the effort which was put in to make this classic, the instruments are in perfect sync. The song makes you feel as though your hands are being held by a comforter, who is taking you to a better place.

She primarily performs modern classical, contemporary, minimalist, new age, classical crossover, ambient, yoga meditation, and mantra/kirtan music, and occasionally she sings her own songs.

Enjoy Dance Like a Kitty( Cello and Piano) below

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