David Sirkis: Musical Mastermind of “The Specific Ocean”

Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, David Sirkis has established himself as one of the most renowned drummers, composers, and bandleaders in the region. Originally a student of classical music, David discovered his true passion as a youngster when he heard The Beatles for the first time and fell in love with the drums. Influenced by a family of opera singers, music surrounded him since a very young age.

Since David’s return to Tel Aviv from NY due to the covid-19 outbreak, his career has skyrocketed. He’s performed with world-renowned jazz musicians such as Shai Maestro, Yonatan Voltzok, Barak Mori, and more, and regularly plays at high-end festivals and venues all across Israel. His accomplishments in the short time since his return have solidified his place as one of the most sought-after musicians in the region.

David Sirkis is an incredibly talented musician who brings a unique mix of classical and contemporary influences to his music. His dedication and passion for drumming is incomparable, and his performances never fail to awe audiences. From jazz to classical and everything in between, David Sirkis proves to be one of the most apt and innovative musicians in the region.

“The Specific Ocean” by David Sirkis is an elegant and mesmerizing track that immerses the listener in a peaceful aural seascape. Listening to “The Specific Ocean” is like taking a relaxing stroll on a beach and listening to the winds as they whistle its soothing tunes. Written and recorded six years ago, this catchy smooth-jazz tune features beautiful solos by Oren Hardy (Bass), Guy Moskovich (Piano), Yuval Drabkin (Saxophone) Yoav Eshed (Guitar) and Hila Rabby’s ethereal voice. From the start, the talented instrumentalists captivate the listener with their emotionally charged soundscape. Each musician brings a unique energy and expertise that combine to form a snug and easy-listening track.

David Sirkis: Musical Mastermind of "The Specific Ocean"
David Sirkis: Musical Mastermind of “The Specific Ocean”

The pulsing bass line delivers a groovy rhythm that induces the listeners to sway and dance. Guy Moskovich’s joyous melody playing on the Piano adds an uplifting vibe to the atmosphere and gives off a feeling of overall elation. Amidst this jovial blend of instruments, David Sirkis plays delightful flourishes of the Drums that weave its way in and out of the track.

Yuval Drabkin’s instrumental on Saxophone is a soothing and audacious element added to the mix. His sensitive melody playing intertwined with Hila Rabby’s entrancing vocal frails takes the jazz piece to a new level of complexity. All these components come together to make The Specific Ocean a calming and enchanting piece of music.

The track has an easy listening atmosphere that is full of warmth and relaxation. It carries a smooth groove that you can easily sway to. “The Specific Ocean” is a pleasant listening experience that will spark the soul with its soothing melodies and captivating grooves. From the visceral yet delicate entrance of the drums to the emotional saxophone solos, this powerful release is a must-listen for jazz music fans looking for a timelessly classic and easy-listening musical experience.

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