DoosC Enchanting Instrumental: “Ayaymama”

DoosC is a phenomenal music composer and producer based in Luxembourg. His passion for music began at a young age, and he has always seen music as the universal language of humanity. He is dedicated to creating emotional music that speaks to the soul and is filled with captivating melodies. As he immerses himself in various musical cultures, DoosC is continually inspired to create new evocative tracks.

DoosC’s music has been described as a soulful mix of melodic and progressive house with his own unique twist. He carefully selects certain parts of adjacent genres, such as organic house, tropical house or electro house, to enrich his sound. His compositions draw in listeners with reverberating drums and often feature bright piano riffs and soothing synth melodies.

DoosC’s musical genius has been recognized around the world. His exceptional music has been praised for its carefully crafted dynamic beats and for its captivating emotional depths. DoosC’s devotion to creating incredible music will undoubtedly continue to inspire music lovers all over the globe.

DoosC’s instrumental “Ayaymama” is an enchanting and ethereal composition that transports the listener to a mesmerizing and relaxed journey in South America. From the female vocals that sound like a dreamy lullaby to the electronic pop melody weaving through the mire of the background beat, the track evokes a sense of tranquility and exotic excitement. Reminiscent of a classic cumbia pattern, the lush and bouncy beats of the house-infused chill-out scheme creates a mystical electrical current that has an alluring element to it.

"Ayaymama": DoosC Enchanting Instrumental Track
(Gaya Waska) “Ayaymama”: DoosC Enchanting Instrumental Track

The inclusion of the female background vocals by Gaya Waska gives the track a sensual and spiritual nature as well. It’s like being in the presence of an All-Seeing and All-Knowing entity that can provide a calming sensation to any listener. Combined with the subtle dance rhythms, there’s a mesmerizing effect that carries you off into the night with the melody.

The deep house rhythm of this track is both captivating and refreshingly unique. It is arranged in such a way that it allows the listener to drift off into a calming daydream, making for a luxurious listening experience. As the beats continue and the female vocal reaches its crescendo, the music becomes irresistibly enjoyable and will guarantee to make you move. Listeners will be pleasantly surprised as every subtle change in the beat brings new wave of energy to the track, allowing one to just let go and sway to the music.

Overall, “Ayaymama” provides a special blend of whimsical melodies, joyful rhythms, and tranquil vocalization that will transport listeners to a faraway place to experience the wonders of the Peruvian rainforest. This instrumental track is a remarkable work of art that captures the sounds of the jungle and the spirit of South-America. No words can do justice to the beauty of this unique piece and its influence on the audience – thus, it must be experienced for oneself.

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