“Forever, Plus One” Carter Ray Ode to Love

Carter Ray is an inspirational artist who shatters the stereotypes of modern-day queer identities. In 2014, Carter began documenting his journey from female to male on the internet, raising awareness and sending a powerful and much-needed message to young trans individuals – that no dream is too big. His hard work and dedication established him as the first Trans male to host his own night, “Heavenly Bodies,” at The Church at The Abbey in West Hollywood, showcasing incredible Trans talent and showcasing the community in a positive and powerful way.

Carter Ray is not only an advocate for the LGBQ+ community, but an extremely successful artist as well. His debut short film, “The Change Up,” was awarded ‘Best Drama’ at the QueerX LA Film Festival, has over 500,000 followers on social media and has received thousands of streams. He has been featured on iHeart Radio’s Arena Podcast, European Indie Music Network, and numerous other music outlets. His powerful art and speaking engagements have inspired fans all over the world and have shown that being an artist transcends expectation.

“Forever, Plus One” by Carter Ray is a dreamy pop song that really shines in its soulful, expressive lyricism and captivating musicality. Carter Ray vocals has a passionate, earnest tone that is deeply comforting and soulful, making it easy to connect with on an emotional level. The way Carter’s voice weaves through the melody are both intimate and mesmerizing, creating a beautiful atmosphere of longing and love.

The gentle, mellow flavor of the song is accented by a variety of instruments including a shimmering piano and a light, supporting thumping drums. This creates a warm, inviting soundscape that is also peaceful and calming. The dreamy production of the music complements the emotion and sentiment of the lyrics perfectly.

“Forever, Plus One” is about Carter Ray’s journey to find a loving, supportive partner after being in a toxic relationship. It is also a loving ode to Carter Ray’s wife Bird and the declaration of their commitment for a lifetime of love. The power of the lyrics lies in its honest and heartfelt sentiment. Carter’s lyrics are imbued with so much emotion that it’s easy to get lost in the message. His voice is sincere and warm, giving the song a sense of deep connection and fulfillment.

Overall, “Forever Plus One” from Carter Ray is an incredible piece of dream pop. Its earnest lyricism, soulful vocals, and dreamy production make for a beautiful and deeply moving listening experience. Its message of love and commitment shines through in its beauty and authenticity, making it a pleasure to listen to.

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