Discovering DATCHA Hypnotizing “Bonesaw”

DATCHA is an emerging bedroom-pop project from Boston that is shaking up the indie music scene with their innovative sound and complex, lyrical narratives. At the helm of this project is singer, songwriter and producer, Josh Friedman, and his revolving door of cutting-edge, talented collaborators.

Drawing from a wide range of influences in the music of the past and present, DATCHA creates something that is entirely their own and has gained attention both in local scenes and internationally. In 2021 DATCHA released a self-titled debut album, showcasing the talents of experienced veterans of the music industry such as Jenna Lotti, George Woods and Justice Cow.

For their newest single, ‘BONESAW,’ DATCHA returns with a bold and dynamic track that is full of bass-driven intensity and power, while still conveying a message of resilience and strength even after transitioning through difficult times. This captures the essence and artistry of this project and is yet another testament to the incredible creativity and passion of Josh Friedman and his collaborators.

DATCHA’s alternative pop track “Bonesaw” offers listeners a bass-driven, soulful experience. The male vocals create a charming and relaxing atmosphere ideal for a late-night listen. It’s the perfect remedy for those who need to stay strong after moving on from a situation.

The US-based artist behind this track knows how to use the bass in a creative way to provide an alternative sound. The low-end grooves and bold riffs layered over confident lyricism paints a vivid and inspiring image. DATCHA’s sound and style is unique in the way it seamlessly blends different genres, and this track is no exception.

From the first note of “Bonesaw”, listeners are greeted with a combination of catchy tones and dynamic multi-instrumentation that creates a modern and captivating tune. One of the best aspects of this track is how the emotions behind the lyrics and sound provoke a feeling of positivity. The melody is uplifting, the vocals soulful and intimate, and the production is zesty and authentic. It’s the perfect blend of modern pop and indie R&B that will leave any listener enthralled.

DATCHA’s “Bonesaw” is an alternative pop track that proves again and again that this artist is full of range and creativity. The bass-driven production hypnotizes the listener and the upbeat energy carries on until the end. For those that need something more chill and soulful, this is the perfect fit.

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