Connor Desai Shares Her Emotions On Latest Single

Today we got the chance to review “Forever” by Connor Desai, a captivating song that blends folk and electronic music. From the moment you press play you are welcomed by the soothing voice of the songstress, and the sound sails smoothly from start to finish.

Connor’s voice is smooth and inviting, it matches perfectly with the guitar riffs, but as the song progresses, it builds and becomes heavy, carrying so many emotions yet Connor Desai maintains her vocals while sending a message across. Brad Dale, who helped produce the song, made sure it all fit together just right.

Connor Desai is based in Seattle and has had her music featured on Netflix and an upcoming movie at SXSW, but surprisingly Connor didn’t start off as a musician she is middle school math teacher, a professor, and a mom of three.

“Forever” is special—it switches between quieter parts and more modern sounds, “Forever” feels both sad and calming how Connor sings is heartfelt, and as the song goes on, it adds piano and beats that takes you on a rollercoaster ride through emotions.

The lyrics of “Forever” is relatable as the song talks about feeling hurt in a relationship, something lots of people can relate to. It has this moody vibe that’s strangely comforting.

Listen to Forever below


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