The Project Debuts With “Best Days”

Do you have a memory that you can label as one of your “Best Days”? probably, we all might have a day we hold dear. Yet “The Project” has captured a memory into sounds and would like to share that with the rest of the world.

Best Days” by ‘The Project’ is their debut and plays a pivotal role in their musical career. The Project is made up of experienced rockers from Southern California. This group includes James Davis from Shameless on guitar, the singer Jeff Plant, and drummer Andre Bonter.

The band knows their stuff, they blend genres like old-school rock vibes with a mix of eighties, hard rock, classic rock, and more.

Listening to “Best Days” you feel the guitar riffs from the beginning of the song they play with skill and strength, showcasing their prowess when it comes to music production, one thing that stands out is the impressive drum licks, quite impressive bringing in confidence and energy that you don’t hear every day.

The song wouldn’t stand tall if not for the vocals on the main vox star is Jeff Plant—his voice hits high and low notes perfectly, making the song even more better.

You can hear the voice of some of the greats such as Black Sabbath, Smashing Pumpkins, Rush, and Blink-182 as they are the main influence of the band

Their debut song gives a taste of what’s coming, mixing classic rock vibes with modern pop sounds.With their album on the way, this debut single hints at a sound that’ll make you feel the good old days while keeping things fresh and exciting.

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