Here Is Something You’ve Being Yearning For ‘Anyone Else” By Anthony Milan

Anthony J Milan is an artist whose music is driven by hope, using an orchestral folk palette to tell stories that inspire connections and self-discovery. His musical journey was initiated by his aunt Lynn, who welcomed him into the world with a heartfelt song titled “A Blessing Called Anthony.” Growing up, Anthony’s parents exposed him to a wide range of musical genres, including the Beatles, Queen, Johnny Mathis, and more, fostering his appreciation for diverse sounds.

In his recent musical endeavors, Anthony has delved into the use of ambient sounds to immerse his listeners in specific settings and moments. Incorporating elements like rain, wind, and quiet conversations, he seamlessly merges nature and civilization with his compositions, enriching the narrative experience for his audience.

“Anyone Else” serves as a poignant reminder to prioritize self-acceptance and the arduous task of embracing oneself, particularly during challenging times when self-liking may seem unattainable. Through his music, Anthony J Milan aims to inspire listeners to embark on their own paths of self-discovery and self-love, offering a heartfelt and relatable soundtrack to accompany them on their journey.

From the first key of the song, you feel the cool breeze sweeping you off your feet, the song oozes a melancholic aura that sinks deep into your heart, leaving you mesmerized and wanting more “Anyone Else”.

Listening to Anthony J Milan you can feel the singer’s feelings, as he uses words that are relatable and his choice of words resonates with his listeners entrapping them in a rollercoaster, taking them on a ride they would never forget.

Anthony J Milan did a good job when it comes to how he laid his vocals on such an instrumentation.

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