Artesan Goes Hard On New Song – Rage

If you are a lover of Rock songs but are looking for some extra sauce then I gladly introduce you to Rage by Artesan. Artesan is a 5 piece group from Falkirk, with Ronnie Bissett on lead vocals, Dickson Telfer on bass guitar, Will Treeby on guitar, Stuart Blackwood on drums and Bryce Bissett, Ronnie’s son on lead guitar.

The song is kind of based / inspired by some shady guys our lead singer used to come across when he lived on a council estate many years ago, they were always angry at something and could be charming and cool to chat with, but always had an arrogant unpredictable, dangerous edge. These characters stuck with him and he would wonder how they saw themselves. So the track is told from their perspective”. – Artesan

Rage is Opened by Ronnie’s impressive vocals that take center stage at the beginning of the song’s slow, stripped-down buildup before it gradually picks up speed with the catchy rhythm, a befitting opening.

The Angry guitar riffs topped with harmonizing drums represent the raging desire in the singer’s soul, an uncontrollable urge and burning desire that he feels inside.

The instrumentation fends the powerful vocal aspect of the lead singer giving him enough room to stylishly cast the listener into another dimension, Rage is a classic rock, blending acoustic guitars with soaring electric guitar solos, drum beats, and bass guitar.

Rage is psychedelic, offering a screeching backdrop to a performance that’s equally dissociative and inviting

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