Are We Ok? Julian Petrin Wants to Know

“Are We Ok?” is the first single from the upcoming album Hello Infinity from Julian Petrin an artist and urbanist from Hamburg. Through the use of powerful melodic themes, faceted harmonic and rhythmic patterns, and modern chillwave, Julian’s work bridges the gaps between creative ambient, downtempo electronica, and chillwave.

Julian started making music in the 1990s, the German-Italian artist and composer Julian Petrin has built a collection of unique melodic instrumental pieces that are now being re-released piece by piece, to reminisce about life back then.

His latest Masterpiece Are We Ok? is an instrumental which borrows from early eighties synthpop, with a theatrical feel blending other elements of music.

listening to the song the title of the song keeps resonating in the listener drowning deeper into the inner state of the person making them ask some serious questions about their existence, asking deep and thoughtful questions like Are We Ok?

If Are We Ok is part of the songs on the album “Hello Infinity” then I can state categorically that the album would be explosive..


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