Denni Ian Releases Visuals For ‘So This Is How We Dance’

Denni Ian is an artist who has gone from living on the streets to achieving a Master’s degree in comparative literature. His debut album “The Sad Saint of South End” was released in November 2020, and his first poetry collection, “The Salt Suite”, was published the following year.

Multi-artist Denni Ian is a poet and musician from Denmark. His songs are constructed around personal melodies that evoke artists like Elliott Smith or Nick Cave, placing him in the tradition of indie rock troubadours. The words provide a cryptic and confessional outlet, and the compositions have elements of the lo-fi rock, folk, and post-punk scenes from the 1990s.

The release of “So This Is How We Dance” was delayed due to Ian being in a severe traffic accident that left him bedridden for several months during the summer of 2022.

The lyrics of “So This Is How We Dance” are profoundly poetic and haunted, elevating a vision of amore disperato. The ballad features a piano lead and strings swirling around a vibrant vocal performance.

The song is accompanied by a music video shot at a Danish renaissance mansion undergoing reconstruction. The monochrome piece features a poetic choreography. It is Ian’s music video directorial debut.

Watch the Video below

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