Amanda Holley Delivers Exceptional Vocals In ‘Fav Flavor’

As somebody who grew up in the orchestra pit because her mother performed there, and had the opportunity to watch great performers play, Amanda Holley is no stranger at composing sweet and authentic songs.

The recent single by songstress Amanda Holley is “Fav Flavor” which she wrote and performed herself. Fav Flavor is a sensual song creating a conducive environment for love birds as love is a universal language.

Amanda’s Ingenuity is shamelessly spread across the song proving her singing and songwriting prowess, her soft voice makes the song enticing and addictive.

She really hit the high notes with her angelic voice that keeps you on the verge of wanting-more. She profoundly touched on the subject matter of wanting more from your favourite person.

Fav Flavor is a dauntless love song where you can hear Amanda screaming powerful love words which project profound love for that special love for somebody.

The instrumentation blends perfectly with her voice and lyrics, making you keep track of the theme of the song and not lose focus.

The song is accompanied by a visual representation of Amanda Holley’s thoughts.

Watch the full video below;

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